Welcome to ZIVA world

The ZIVA name is a combination of our life philosophies and beliefs. The ”Zi” originates from ancient Taoist philosopher Laozi, meaning “the way”. The “Va”, stems from the Spanish exclamation, “Viva!” meaning to live. ZIVA became the balance of our Eastern and Western roots and “the way to live”. Our core values have evolved out of our belief to inspire and help individuals to build a strong and healthy way to live. These core values continually dare us to challenge ourselves to grow and innovate beyond industry standards and bring forth products designed with a focus on form and function. ZIVA is proud to be a Shanghai based company. Being in Shanghai we’ve been able to draw on the manic energy of this ever growing and changing city and to use it to push ZIVA to new heights. Our offices’ close proximity to our ZIVA factories allows us to better manage production and schedules. We love the energy of this global metropolis, as it continues to bestow on us the ample opportunities and verve to drive us forward.